Monday, February 20, 2006

A few more thoughts...

Yeah, yeah I know it's the Muslim extremists that are causing all the problems, not ordinary everyday people. There are millions upon millions of ordinary Muslims that condemn this violence.

But not for a second does that make anything any better. We're still left with a situation where religious fanatics are running riot and attacking and killing innocent people. Thirty people were killed in Nigeria today during riots. And you can be damn sure that none of those thirty were involved in any way with the creation or publication of any of the cartoons.

People are being killed over a cartoon. What the fuck.


  1. Would it be okay to post something up tonight?

  2. Globalisation is an impossibility.

    And let's thank fuck for that. Thank you, fuck.

    We're witnessing the upshot of having the world's stupidest man run the show.