Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Night In Dust Trees Too Towels And

The Hoff rummaged around inside his left nostril with enthusiasm.
"Today will be a good day, eh KITT?"
"Why, David?"
"Just watch..."
The Hoff carefully extracted a delightful green snot from his nose. He held it aloft with pride. "See."
"Aaah, very good David."
"You know something KITT. I'm glad they let me keep you. The fastest, safest, strongest car in the world? You must be priceless."
"Actually David, I'm not KITT, I'm William Daniels, the voice of KITT and for the past few years you've imprisoned me here against my will."
"If that's the case, why hasn't someone come looking for you? Why didn't I see you credited on the Knight Rider movie?"
"Touché David, touché"


  1. I have to post my story... durr. Sorry. Just, it's related to the days.

  2. But keep this up... it's good and the more the merrier and all that. Also, a nice intervention between my crap.

  3. The same thing happened to that kid from flight of the navigator.

    He was investigated by mulder and scully, then sectioned for wasting valuable UFO hunting time.

    The boy and his prisoner were never seen again.

  4. Beagley, beagley, beagley... What's up, Buck?

    I get a kick from seeing how your mind works, Daly.