Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Shit Robot

The mechanical man devours a passing child.
“Shit. Robot. Wants. Love.”
As he stomps and cranks across the busy city centre.
“Shit. Robot. Want. Shit. Mate.”
Only to eat up another child with ice cream lips and awesome stare.
“Hmmm - Shit. Robot. Pleased. - But. Lonely.”
Angry protesters twist around the incredible silver humanoid.
“Go away robot. Nobody loves you here.”
While criminals’ loot and despoil, the protest an unfortunate distraction from their scumbaggery.
“We can never love a shit robot.”
As if to live up to his name, the robot evacuates himself onto a passing supermodel, severely discolouring her styled hair.
“Love. Me. Glenda. Gilson. For. Who. I. Am. - A. Poor. Shit. Robot.”
She clears the robot shit from her eyes.
“I could never endear to a robot, especially a shit one. Not for less than ten thousand euro.”
So, unwanted, the automaton creeps out of the city, empty metal hands in empty metal pockets.
“I. Cannot. Help. How. I. Was. Built. – To. Express. Love. With. Shit.”
To crawl into the ocean, away from human snarls and jeers.


  1. Totally post later when you want Ian. Totally.
    I just wanted to throw this up while it was in my head.

  2. I see a lifetime companion for Marvin.

    Supermodels would keep robot shit in their hair if they thought it was fashionable.

    I feel a scam coming on...