Saturday, March 18, 2006

St. Patty? Who the fuck is that?

What the fuck? It's time for an angry post. I'm pretty fucking annoyed. So, I was kicking it with my bitches over on myspace and there was a big St. Patricks day buzz washing over that depraved corner of cyberspace. Bulletins were going up about the history of the day and of the man, people were throwing around facts about Irish/Americans and bombarding each others profiles with faux Irish, green and glittery ugly fucking comments. There was one thing I noticed from among all of this false Irish pride. Dumb fucking Americans kept calling Paddys Day "Pattys Day"

No biggie right? yeah, well I would agree but after the first 4 times I saw it, it began to annoy me. I started to contemplate how utterly fucking stupid someone has to be to assign a female name to a male saint. Are the American people so insular and self-obsessed that they have become deaf to the profound difference between a "T" and "D" sound? I'm sure that no American would relish in celebrating "Intepentence Tay". Motherfuckers.

This hurts. I've always been proud of my American heritage. Not so much anymore. What is there to be proud of?



  1. Well hello!

    I was in town today and i heard from and thick american accent

    "I look like a knacker"

    You can imagine how is "should" have sounded and listen to what i heard, u could only laugh

    Xbox 360 gave out St. Patricks themes for the dashboards, but the themes weren't released OUTSIDE the USA, guess they didn't think the irish would have any interest painting there 360's in green....

    Ummm I think thats all i can think of relate to your blog oh wait one more, a friend sent me an irish I.Q. quiz about ireland but the quiz was american, i got 5/10...

  2. I came across this St Patty's day thing too. But just once, so I assumed it was a mis-spelling.

    Intepentence Tay it is from now on.

  3. Pow!!

    In your face, grammatical misanthropes!

    I get similarly annoyed by people who claim scottish folk are 'Scotch'.

    Scotch is a drink, you goons.

  4. Too fucking right UTMG. Goons - thats the perfect description of these idiophiles.