Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Only white people are racist... Fact.

From the Seattle public schools' official "Definitions of Racism" under the subheading "Cultural Racism":

Cultural Racism:
Those aspects of society that overtly and covertly attribute value and normality to white people and Whiteness, and devalue, stereotype, and label people of color as “other”, different, less than, or render them invisible.

According to the education board in Seattle only white people can be racist. That's all fine and dandy. We know black people love white people. We just know in our hearts.

But here's the next line from the same paragraph:

Examples of these norms include defining white skin tones as nude or flesh colored, having a future time orientation, emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology, defining one form of English as standard, and identifying only Whites as great writers or composers.

Flesh colour is no longer, well... flesh colour... better inform the painters, semantics be damned. Future time orientation - we'll come back to that. Moving on to the next bit; being an individual is racist. Identifying British (or god help us, American) english as standard is a hate crime and if your tastes are such that all the composers/artists you like are white, well, you're going to hell.

Back to future time orientation... I had to check this one up. Here's a summary:

"Some cultural anthrolpogists hold that the idea of delayed gratification and planning for things in the distant future is a Eurasian cultural norm; that African Americans, in particular, have a cultural leaning to immediate satisfaction of needs and desires.

So, by teaching that the best sort of life is one that aims towards a future goal instead of "living in the now", you are privileging one worldview over another."

Yeah, so planning for the future means you hate niggers.


Just stepping back for a minute... Who'd actually want to plan for a fucking future where people are being taught this shit. I'd just love to get my hands on the people who thought this up. Just five minutes... i'd show them what a fucking hate crime is.

I'd love to write some more commentary on this, but I'm just too fucking angry.


  1. At first it was the waft of an intriguing cologne that got my attention. Then it was the jet black background on the page. And then it was the text; a mesmerizing conglomerate of white on white, like two girls baking from the seering temperature of their united bloom.

    I knew I had been away longer that I had intended when a row of stars - sans stripes - brought down the curtain to the final stanza.

    As Cartman, E. says: I miss you guys.

    Is it just me or does the Younited Staits of Amerika have more twats per capita than any other region on Earth?

  2. This smacks of some repressed bureaucrat scrambling around in the dark for something they are being told to obtain without actually knowing what it is supposed to feel like.

  3. It's good that children are taught about racism... but how did the message become so skewed? It's astonishing.

  4. I'm a south african citizen oing research on racism. unfortunately i found out the hard way that only white people are racists! by the way i'm white!!! we get called whity, get racist remarks and we have to take it because it is the new democracy! this is crap! i'm tired of being told i'm white so i didn't get the job! blacks are more racist than us white and south africa sucks....
    can't wait to immegrate to a beeter country where i can get a job on my qualifications and not my skin colour.

  5. This is way too funny.
    I'm such a racist.
    Also, I presume you must have a fucking load to do in college that you managed to get this post out.

  6. Smack in the middle of exams at the moment... so yeah, loads of time for blogging.

  7. Fucking humanity. I'm glad Im not a part of it. I'm Irish.

  8. future time orientation: Is that why rape is such a huge problem in Africa?

  9. Yeah. It's unbelievable. Future Time Orientation? Planning for the future is racist?

    I'm off to sign up to Stormfront.

  10. "In the first movie the idea was that Jackie [Chan] was the fish out of water," ... "He came to L.A. and didn't speak the language and so on. In the second one Chris went to Hong Kong of course. In this one they both don't speak the language. They're going to Paris and what better place because everyone hates the French".

    -Brett RATner, "director," dicussing the upcoming hotly anticipated feature film, Rush Hour 3.
    This is the man who is giving us X-Men 3 next week.

  11. Oh well. It looked like it would be shit anyway.

  12. What fine decorum from Ratner there. I guess the signs weren't good when Singer jumped ship for Superman.

  13. Kick ass, Ratner is the man. I am so confident that x-men 3 will be good that I’m booking my ticket for rush hour 3 today to beat the crowds. I have heard from a Seattle public schools' official that 3 is Ratners lucky number thus guaranteeing the success of both films.

  14. I wonder what phil collins is doing right now.