Thursday, July 20, 2006


The heat was relentless. The Rage had been sweating uncomfortably all day and was not in the least happy about it. He kept repeating the line "Oh he looks a bit of a dandy" over and over, but that wasn't making the place any cooler.

Sitting outside with the dog, who was also suffering from the heat he saw a small plane pass very low overhead. He hoped it wasn't one of the ones that take an ariel photo of your house and offer to sell it to you, as he was quite naked at the time.


  1. Nice one but a bit short. I was looking forward to the adventures of Daly the Kid and his dog. Remind me never to visit your house.

  2. Come on.

    You'd still buy it.

    Just to see yourself and your dog naked together in a legally marketable package