Tuesday, August 08, 2006


"OK so, what do we have here?"
"White male, 35, and from the looks of things he was really enjoying himself when he died."
"Why is that?"
"He was just about to fire the spooge cannon."
"Aaah. Cause of death?"
"Well, after examining the member I'd say he was poisoned."
"Jesus. Did he have anything on him."
"Yeah. A joe."
"I meant any ID?"
"Yeah, it's here somewhere... Here, he's one John Wilcox. His address is on there too."
"I'll check it out and let you know. Cheers Boners."
"I asked you not to call me Boners."
"Well it's your name isn't it?"
"Well yeah... but could you at least go with Mr. Boners or something? Anything less... weird."
"You examine dead boners for a living."
"Just get out."

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