Thursday, November 30, 2006


“What can be expected from expatriates, who are no doubt excommunicated for execrable acts, except excretion in gutters and explicit extermination. They are a [expletive deleted] excrescence on the protuberance of our exalted society, and an exigent problem.”

“Sir, you exaggerate and I expostulate that reasoning.”

“Oh, are you an exponent of expatriates?”

“No, but to exult as you have from EXTINCTION. And EXTERMINATION! Would not extradition or just expulsion be a more exemplary alternative? Expound yourself.”

“Extremely not. And extempore, I would not dare extrapolate further. We must expedite and expunge or else explore the consequences. And I need not amend that would be an experiment of extinction.”

“You exaggerate and exacerbate and definitely exasperate. Oh, I excite.”

“Excite! Excite! Sir, you explode.”

“Let it be explicit that I, The Right Honourable Sir Hefty McHenry, expostulate this execution.”

“Noted. Now lets expunge of this particularly excruciating exchange and move onto matters of an exegesis nature. Cardinal Righty McTighty, if you would please…”

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