Sunday, April 29, 2007

TBond v0.3

Not too long ago I told a friend that if I should ever develop an On-Line Stock Brokerage System I'd call it the TBond System. Ever true to my word I've done just that. The person shall remain nameless lest future employers google him, discover this site, and then decide to boot his ass of Wall Street. Not that he'll ever get there in the first place. (From what i've heard he can't even get into Canary Wharf).

I've consulted with the individual in question and he has selected three stocks which he says are "sure things." He reckons you'd expect to see returns of between 15% and 40% depending on how the overall market performs.

I now offer you the chance to use the TBond system to make a hypothetical trade. For those of you that are hard of understanding 'hypothetical trade' means that no money will change hands, you won't actually buy anything and can't actually make any money. Thus this version of the program serves one purpose and one purpose only, to see how good a stock picker the guy really is.

If you successfully make some good hypothetical returns please let me know and i'll forward your comment on to him. Or just post them below and i'm sure he'll read them.


How to use the TBond System

  • First select a stock from the list. He only picked three so go with whichever one you like best.
  • Next enter in the amount of money you'll invest in the company each month
  • Then enter the amount of years you hope to spend investing
  • Finally click on 'TBond it' to see how you got on using projected results after the the amount of years you entered above
Remember, these are 'sure things' so you're going to make a fortune. If, by some chance, the system says you've lost money then jump straight into the comments section and tell the dude what a poor stock picker he is. That'll fuck him up.


The TBond System

€/$/£ per month
For years


  1. I invested 1 dollar with the ThomasB system for a year and lost everything. Including money I didn't invest. Fuck you.

  2. Yes, the commission charges are quite high for the TBond system.

  3. What of labels, Daly?
    Are they in use at all, or have you thought about it further?