Saturday, April 07, 2007


About two weeks ago I received a flurry of emails about the recent changes to the blog. This post is to address those comments publicly so all visitors will be aware of the situation.

In general I agree with your comments on the readability of the site and this is something the blog administrators and contributors have discussed internally. We've currently working on a blog improvement initiative that will see a number of improvements taking place.

At the moment we're working on some upgrades and will moving over to 'New Blogger' shortly. We'll then be taking advantage of some of the neater functionality the new system provides without cluttering up the blog space with miscellaneous crap. In an effort to bring in fresh new talent, we're also in talks with select contributors from other blogs in the hopes of bringing their talent to where they can best be showcased.

We're going to be changing the this place up over the coming days and weeks, the background will be just one of these things. We look forward to the forthcoming changes and hope you do too.

Rage out.

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