Friday, June 22, 2007

Alpha Dresden Banks

Sinking two brown ones, Robert muses on 24 hour news and rolls up his sleeves past the elbows. He finds Fox News, Sky 510, more entertaining than informative, but only because it is frustrating viewing. As the hosts jump from Paris Hilton in jail to the ongoing trouble in the Gaza strip with a simple ‘anyways’, he can only laugh at his nosebleed and be thankful for the adjustment, however brief, from mediocrity. Sometimes when the only viable alternative is MTV2, Sky 445, a brief rise in blood pressure is welcome.

For actual news, objectively imparted, Robert prefers Euronews, Sky 509. Gathering segments from different stations across Europe it, succinctly and without bias, informs Robert on everything from Art to Politics. Robert ingests like ice cream, happily and hungrily. However, as pleased as he is with freely available information, he finds something lacking, a certain excitement that even Fox News can’t supply due to its status as the ‘cheese-eating grin’ station. It was such, in fact, he did not even realise what was lacking until he flicked past CNN, Sky 506.

What was lacking was a surprise, a news piece out of rhythm with the other news stations. Although hyperbolic, Robert likens it mentally to when he switched to BBC 1, Sky 142, one day to watch Diagnosis Murder only to find the Twin Towers on fire. The shock felt then maintains that moment, that memory, until now and even into tomorrow. He remembers it clearly because it was so unexpected. Today he felt a jolt, minor in nature, echoing that felt on Sept. 11, 2001. A simple tremor compared to an earthquake, but of similar consequence in that he stopped what he was doing and stared.

He will let the experienced journalists of Time Magazine fill in the details.

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