Monday, June 11, 2007

Corporate Ghetto

"Come on, come on, I see no changes, wake up in the morning and I ask myself is life worth living should I blast myself?” Tupac said that shit.

Where u homies at fool? U better be packin if u plannin on hangin down in the finance department.Diz place is the streets and the streets is where it’s at, cracker!!!!Some girl got herself whacked down here just last week.An ex twelve yr old mother of three!!

Huh? You think I give a f*ck about a girl? I ain’t a sucka fool!!!!

You gotta learn quick up in diz biznaz.First day on the job and some sucka from the Bratislava office gets all aggro on my ass.Bitch I came from the city of limerick and I’m still here fool!!
Check this, two days later the bitch turned up for a meetin in my hood, sat himself right down across from my desk.Took out his laptop and started meetin his targets so I pistol whipped the sucker right upside the head with my calculator.I met my target of kickin his ass right there cracker!!

Huh? You think I give a F*ck about the head of finance of the Slovakian Office? I ain’t a sucka fool!!!

You wanna stay alive down here you best meet yr targets or get yoself a piece. Out in the car park I kick it with g and cronies. Guns in cars slide past and whatnot, bouncing to the sounds of the summer slap. Click-clicks from killers and rapists in luxury cars.Last desperate messages from young thugs tryin to make in the corporate world of the fiscal year of our lord 07.

You gotta watch yo back till you hit the shade of the call centre, the best air conditioned crib in all the city, fool! They got big mutha fans in there enough to slice a big brother’s fro clean off and not make a sound. Plus, the call centre is the best place to get yoself a weapon, cracker!!!Big boy Brendan been dealin glokz out of that place since we was in dippers.I pick myself up a little Jane Austin 9mm.And we be ready to fuck some homies up!!!!

“You better check yoself before you come in here without an appointment, boy!!!” My boss’s secretary is a racialist.But I kno she be hot for my white ass eventho she’s always breakin my balls over somethin.
"I came here to f*ck bitch!! You kno what I’m sayin?” I spit, bringin the streets right at ya.
God damn!! What I gotta to do to get up in diz bitch???

Shiiit, I gotta check myself before I wreck my pantz.

The clock says five and we back on the streets in no time. Back to illin.Back to slappin bitches with hockey sticks.Back to playin gta on the xbox. Back to the hoods of the frontal lobe.