Friday, June 08, 2007

A Gifty Spark

“The fourth paragraph should contain just one word.”
“As a whole?
“Yes, as a whole, the fourth paragraph…”
“What should that word be?”
“Haven’t you decided?”
“No, I just thought… well, coming after the third paragraph, it would seem natural. A single word would just, pffth…”
“Yes, spring to mind. A natural continuation of what came before.”
“I agree.”
“Well… what came before hand?”
“Hmmm, the third paragraph?”
“And maybe the second. The fourth shouldn’t just be…”
“Yes, ideas are not shallow.”
“Well… the fourth wouldn’t just follow from the third, it follows the first, the second and the third.”
“I need some light.”
“To see?”
“Yes, dammit, to see better.”
“Look, don’t…”
“The first three paragraphs…”
“… just snap…”
“… are about…”
“You speak.”
“Can I?”
“There is not enough room here for both of us. Not enough of anything.”
“Just one word. Please.”
“You can’t see and I can’t breathe.”
“The first three paragraphs are about birth, life and death in that order.”
“Oh, is that the word?”
“Never mind, just…”
“We’re at the tip of a penis, that doesn’t like light.”
“… Oh my. You shouldn’t talk like that.”
“This tower looks like a penis.”
“I-know-what-this-tower-looks-like… I mean…”
“Why hide it?”
“I don’t know.”
“We shouldn’t.”
“I know.”
“So, what comes after birth?”
“And after that?”
“And that?”
“Amen, brother.”

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