Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gumball Eyes

The saddest Robert in the world is not I, but an ice cream melting in the sun.
My tears are wiped with sleeve or lovers thumb while his drip onto thonged foot.
My blood is giving life even as his is being flavoured.
My sadness is human, removed from natural selection, but his is a lack of humanity, decided upon by a child's pruned index.
The saddest Robert in the world wears square pants.


  1. I seen another world.
    All things glistenin and shinin like pebbles in a stream
    They called it Cops and you can see it on Zone Reality every night
    I'm addicted now

    Bad boys bad boys
    What am i gonna do?
    I'm gonna sit on my ass and laugh the face off myself

  2. you mean his goofy grin is just a facade?!