Thursday, July 05, 2007


Each person has one idea they love but strip it for parts instead of celebrating it as a unity. Other ideas or thoughts benefit from the disassembled materials, each recipient bearing an extravagant new glaze, raised above their station, and all becoming connected through shared elements with their brethren. The clockmaker and master of horology intent on developing a Lego-based timepiece, instead uses the innovations developed for his dream in those pieces needful of repair. Sometimes an idea in shards germs unlikely, incredible events and the Wright Brothers develop a plane.

People too, like ideas and other matter, can aggregate in unusual ways, distant families branching into one another, the advent of a new technology acting as catalyst to their multiplication. Rural communities have enlarged their gene pool with an increased courting radius enabled by the invention of the bicycle. Through certainty, the arrangement of the world can be altered or observed while altering, atoms becoming molecules, and understanding breached. Lattice structures of information form and joints connect through revelations and bathtub inspiration.

All can be undone however, knowledge and the inspiring qualities of life in motion, should the building blocks be viewed through the filter of a voice from the sky. Great men, but fingers and toes, can conceive divinity in themselves when influenced by wise stones and silver salmons. Alexander the Great, visiting the temple dedicated to Amun, no doubt was left with lightening bolts hanging from his bum as Ammon’s son, stirring his march to Babylon. Like atoms, people should be bound not selected and raised to superiority over other men. Blues sky’s remain so, even when the river runs red.

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