Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ma-Me-Mi-Mu, Magical Beam!

In a study of mammals between 18 and 24, it was found that horseplay racism knits and glues peers like wagging tongues and matching shoes. Devotees of freedom of expression, not lynching or mob-mentalities, today’s youth mix races in ways which would sully them in the eyes of yesterdays generation. Saying ‘nigga’ may make friends shimmy their britches, but your one with the curly hair sure has a nice behind.

The notion begins with children, curried in cultural memes and follies like calves are with teats, they soak up information without bias as to the source. Cigarette companies enjoy huge annual profits floated on the spines of flavoured cigarettes, price discounted, aimed at the pre-teen market, hooking pink lungs on menthol flavours and tupakka grease. Counter-cultures analysed and mass-marketed, targeted, segregated and positioned.

As Ireland develops ticks not so much in line with it’s own history but more with that of countries it admires or was trained by, it can only welcome incoming foreign restaurants like the potato famine just happened. It may make sense to say, “there’s nothing wrong with loving the best there is”, but that is for the birds and women selling two for a pound. Tomorrow’s dinner is Thursday’s memory and the stuff in the bowl can be gawked at in between chapters of your manga comic.

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