Sunday, October 07, 2007

Wicked Game

I put a music player on the blog. It’s below our archive. I recommend using it as a soundtrack to the words until it is eradicated come the next blog-face update.

Suggestions on songs to add/subtract are welcome.

If you click on the playlist title, Lennon & McCartney, you will be taken to the list of songs currently in rotation.

Fans of Jamiroquai or drone-based ambient music need not press play, but Chris Isaak gets a look in.


  1. Ah Isaak? Did you do anything else of note?

  2. If you mean to the blog... no...
    It's Daly's job anyway.
    Though the player doesn't seem to be doing as it should at the moment...
    It should be playing my playlist but it's just showing the finetune artist radio options.

    There are plans for this shithole. However they have been in gestation for at least a year so don't hold your breath.

    In a perfect world I would like more personalisation. Picture folders and my own videos. That kind of shit.
    Must write more too.
    More readers as well. Motherfuckers.

  3. Uhh, I meant Isaak.

    But, yeah. Roll on with the videos and other such gumption.