Saturday, November 03, 2007


Recently two polls were posted on Lennon & McCartney. They asked our readers two topical questions. Following are the questions and responses as selected by you, the reader.

Q. Should legislation be required?
A. One of the above.

Analysis: Our readers were not sitting on the fence here. Their selections indicated a strong leaning toward one answer with 100% of the vote for a single option. Unfortunately we have no concrete proof of which idea was chosen as they selected "One of the above." Further analysis on this topic will prove fruitless.

Q. Should children be necessary?
A. Cloning and Chinese Labour Shortages.

Analysis: Popular opinion was split down the middle on this poll with 50% choosing 'Cloning' and the remainder choosing 'Chinese Labour Shortages.' This indicates that while many of our readers are of the opinion that children are unnecessary as long as we can clone ourselves others believe that children are necessary to fulfil the labour problem China is currently experiencing.
This analyst proposes a meeting of minds on this point and puts forward the possibility of using our clones as slaves in China.

We put this to the Prime Minister of Ireland in our recent interview. Excerpt below:

L&M: Prime Minister, what do you think of the possibility of Irish people making money by cloning themselves and selling the clones into slave labour in China. Do you see this as a viable alternative to investment in an already bloated property market?
PM: Arrest this man.