Monday, December 22, 2008

Anyone Seen The UFO?

It's about relaying a full experience, not snatches or drips of it, but the whole experience through the grit of work. One must then relate the whole to the audience through familiar settings, emotions or what have you. With the attention, or permission if you prefer, of the audience, the writer can take them to places only their sub-conscious has the ability to process.

This isn't a talent or a birth right, an ability born with baby attached, consumable by the human mass. This is hard work and grind around the clock. This is your back twisted and broken, your fingers clubbed and chewed, you mind set on the parapet of existence, staring into eternity, and never, not once, questioning why it's failing at it's singular purpose. To understand.

It can happen in a brief moment of clarity.
It happens in an instant.

The zombies attack because they are hungry. You have all the brains.

Did you feel that? Planets collided.

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