Monday, December 01, 2008

Disembodied Speech/ Unattributed Dialogue

“The fear looks like an emptiness, or a whiteness, but it has a crusty, outer shell. The answer is contained within with the freedom to create.”

“And what do you do? Break this shell? How?”

“Raise your stump a little. Don't wince if it hurts.”

“This okay?”

“Yeah. You just... Do. Fear is a signal you move towards, not away from. The crust was an metaphor and, to conclude it, the crust breaks itself and ceases to exist.”

“I suppose the crust is a manifestation of the unknown. Fear hides behind the unknown, which becomes unsupported and crumbles when you venture into it, or discover what it holds.”

“Hmm. Both fear and the unknown only exist inside of us. But when we project them externally, a strange thing occurs, white inverts to black.”

“What does this mean?”

“I see white as emptiness and black as fullness or as a complete density. I guess – Could you relax a little?”

“It's the bees,”

“I know. I have food here for them.”

“I was stung as a child.”

“That can be traumatic. I almost drowned once and haven't gone near a swimming pool since. This should quieten them down. There.”

“What were you saying?”

“The bees are blackness. No. The bees exist. White. Emptiness. Black. Fullness. I think, when we view ourselves internally, when we look at our souls, we don't want to see whiteness. It signifies a lack of character which is frightening. Obviously. Externally speaking, blackness has the same effect but a different significance. We project the unknown outwards as a blackness into which we place all of our fears. We tell ourselves around every corner is a rapist, or a giant millipede, or a clown. Blackness is what we most fear about the world.”

“Whiteness is an uncompromised, unfiltered view. Why would anyone want to see themselves like that? Every wrinkle detailed. Every wart. It's disturbing.”

“Yeah. It can be.”

“But blackness. Blackness is ignorance. A lack of preparation. Our environment doesn't hold any foreign material or alien elements. This whole planet is a system within a larger system within the great, closed system. And we, humanity, are a part of that. How can someone, looking at a corner, imagine anything other than a golden sunset around it?”

“Depends on the time of day, I suppose.”

“Should I be eaten by a bear after I leave here, I would want you not to view it as a tragedy but as an occurrence only. Don't look for bears around every corner.”

“Should a bear eat you I would ask him to pose in your place, so, at least, your portrait will feature your complete essence.”

“What do you think it would sound like? To be eaten by a bear? I can only imagine my bones breaking but nothing else. Not skin tearing or my own screams or those of an unlucky witness. Nothing. Just the cracking of bones.”

“I think it would sound like this. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM. Lovely human meat.”

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