Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tales From The House

Jimmy looked like a normal boy, a three foot comic monster, knowledgeable in the mundane thanksgivings of superheroes and their fiends. He manipulated blanket existence, creating tents and caves where previously there were none. Prisons would break and let loose high-profile criminals into the city streets to kill and remind people what they own is as fragile as sugar glass. Jimmy would always save the day but never before a breakfast of cardboard nutrition. In him his imagination induced a fevered waking state. Only in dreams is he a boy.


Jimmy set aim on Dr. Vaginosaur, fearful perpetrator of evil and excitement.
“Step away from the crying baby”, orders Jimmy of Dr. Vaginosaur.
The Doctor stomps down on the child, murdering it with violence.
“NEVER!”, he bellows defiantly.
“Now, the dead child's mother. Leave her be or I will consider this a fight.”
Jimmy shakes his fist at Dr. Vaginosaur signaling an intent to use it.
Dr. Vaginosaur murders the dead child's mother with very little effort. What remains of her after the Doctors violence is eaten by a stray dog. Another brief expulsion of violence and the dog too becomes murdered and unrecognisable.
"What are you going to do Jimmy? Wag your finger at me? HAHAhaHAhAHa!"
Jimmy moves swiftly at Dr. Vaginosaur

[Animated fight scene in which Dr. vaginosaur gets the upper hand. See diagram below.]


"Call me a cock again. I dare you."
“No, Doctor. I forgive you for being evil. Stop murdering me. ARGH!”
“HAHA. You are defeated Jimmy. Now nothing can stop my human trafficking empire.”
“Fat chance, you slit-mouthed dummy. BOOMERANG AWAY!”
Jimmy apprehends Dr. Vaginosaur in an epic display of strength, wit, awesomeness and a little luck, of course.


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  1. Note to future self:
    You intention was for this to be juvenile and error ridden.
    It is not because you rushed it and suck sometimes.