Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'm Fucked

I should be studying but I can’t because my retard brother, his whore girlfriend and her abused first kid, not his, are here stinking the place out of it. My brothers’ first kid is due sometime in the future. It will be her second kid. My brother is twenty-five, I think, and the whore of Sodom is twenty-two, I suppose.

Science dictates that kids born from a whore mother and a retard father are doomed to failure and probably an early drug induced death. Before the kid dies, they usually ruin some other peoples’ lives, like an unfortunate relation who never wanted to be involved in the first place.

Anyway, I can’t study because those evil sub-humans stress me out with their collective presence. My mind is curling up into a ball as I type. I am going to fail my exams and I have no excuse.
“Uh, my brother, who is a raving, drunken asshole, and the ghastly bitch he lives with come home with her five year old accident when I need to study and act like humans so they can inherit some money off my parents…” will not be tolerated as a reason to why I failed third year.

So, in the distant future, if you spy a poor homeless motherfucker looning on about his crackpot life being shattered by Satan’s shit personified, throw him some money because it might be me.


  1. Well at least you are trying to study, I am procrastinating so much that I have taken to rearrangng the furniture in my room.

  2. Oh God.
    La da da da, da da dum.

    Shit, fuck.... I've just installed a music player into firefox. Do you know how to work it?

  3. Never mind. It isn't a music player but a 'remote control' kinda thing you use to control your favourite player from the comfort of firefox. You know, without having to minimise the window to change tracks... that kind of thing.

    Handy enough, I guess.

  4. Oh and Rob do not fret, you will never be a poor, homeless motherfucker. If it comes to it I will give you a job, as I will no doubt be ridiculously successful.

  5. I've been doing some top procrastinating aswell. Amusingly I've tried to fool myself into believing it's constuctive. "Go to bed for a while The Rage," I say to myself... You'll be able to study long into the night if you sleep now.


  6. The worrisome thing for me is, even if there wasn't a flock of handicaps squawking around my house, I probably wouldn't do anything.
    I would try for a while but get bored and start running around punching and kicking the air out of frustration.
    Fuck it.
    Time to rearrange the furniture in my room.

  7. You seem to have a sense of family almost as strong as mine. Let's start a club.

  8. I love your perspective on your situation, because it is so eerily familier to my own. I hope it helps to write out your thoughts so eventually you can read back on your old feelings and laugh at that same retard brother and whore hunny. I do feel exceptionally sorry for their children though. They are the other innocent victims in this situation. But think, at least you don't live with those retards, the kids can never leave (until CPS picks them up).

  9. Hire some ninjas Rob. To deal with your situation.

  10. To clarify, I get on very well with everyone else in ym family i.e. both my parent, and three of my four brothers.

    It's just the one mentioned above and his attachments I can't tolerate.

  11. Both your parent? Four brothers?

  12. Well, I regard my parents as one unity, to answer that query.
    As for four brothers........ I created an extra brother from dough and wax called Goku....... I throw him around the place for a laugh.
    I guess I shouldn't really have a counted him. So, to clarify, I have three brothers and only like two.