Thursday, June 23, 2005

Batman Big Wings by D.M.R.

Three goons are frying a rat over a bonfire of dead babies.
“She was still alive when I buried her,” bragged the thug as he poked a flaming infant. “That’s nothing, my girlfriend wasn’t three months pregnant when I molested the foetus,” replied his buddy.
Dutchie the dumb kid just banged his fist on a dustbin as he had lost his voice in a bizarre accident involving windmills many years before. “That nothing,” said a fourth raconteur, “my parents were murdered and ever since then I’ve been dressing up as a giant bat and kicking the shit out of criminal scum and one time, when I was really pissed, I turned a guy upside down and made him shit out his own mouth.”
Batman rips the dumb kids guts out, smears the blood across his lips and says in a voice more effeminate than usual, “ooh I got my lipstick on tonight.”
After he had processed the other two, batman turns the battered corpse of the dumb kid and says, “I’ll save you for later,” before hunching and greedily devouring a fried rat.


  1. This post was created by the combined power of three minds. Amazing when considered in such light.

  2. This is the shit! Yes, yes, YES! This blog material right fucking here. YES!