Wednesday, June 01, 2005

IT Returns Part 01

Robert lay motionless in his bed. His mother, who had just finished brushing his teeth and cleaning him, was tucking her son in under his duvet.
“Good night, my sweet child” she said and she kissed his forehead.
The door was left ajar like every night and to her husband, who was waiting just outside, she said, “I hope he doesn’t dream again tonight”. They hugged for a moment too tired to say anymore.
Later that night, Robert was restlessly turning in his bed, unable to sleep. The radio was on tuned to old broadcasts from the fifties a pirate DJ transmits every night. Tonight’s show was an old serial about some kitsch monster. Robert missed the first part so had no idea what was happening.
“Tonight Ladies and Gentlemen,” the broadcast went “the horror is loose, rampaging through towns and villages, scaring innocent little children and eating their pets. Do you know where your dog is tonight, gentle listener? Is it safe?”
Robert listened to this station every night but this particular broadcast frightened him. It drudged up black memories of the night three short months ago. The night that had snapped his young mind, creating a sub-human afraid of being alone, afraid of the dark and even afraid of his own shadow. Every detail of that incident was burned into his delicate mind. The sharpness of the light, blinding his eyes, and how hard he coughed when his wall was demolished. Robert squeezed shut his eyes at the thought. Sometimes when the moon is full like tonight, he wishes he had died.
A low rumble crept in through in window. At first, Robert thought “Just a car passing in the night. A tired soul on the way home to his loved ones.” But the rumble escalated, causing stuffed toys to fall of the shelf and the radio reception to turn fuzzy and blink out.
“What in hell?” murmured Robert in his tired state. The crunch of metal and the crack of glass startled Robert into a sitting position. Dogs throughout the countryside began whining. Cattle could be heard thumping about in a near-by field, mooing wildly. Something terrible had disturbed them from their normal slumber.
Horrifyingly intricate images flooded Roberts mind, disengaging his senses and loosening his bowels. His eyes welled up with the salty tears of fear and he began to whine like the dogs outside.
The rumbling became too much to bare and new details became distinguishable among the sounds of the night. The splash of a puddle, the crack of a tree being felled and the piercing scream of a defenceless animal. Someone… something was killing a cow and ravishing its still fresh carcass. The herd went wild and broke out of their enclosure snapping the fences. In the morning more dead cattle would be found, those that were killed in the stampede. The remaining cattle would be found stoically lapping water from a flooded pasture. But that was tomorrow. Tonight, a most upsetting and alarming scene was about to unfold.
Robert was in a foetal position on his bed rocking back and forth, screaming manically. Whatever evil lingered outside was alerted by the shrieks of terror and began skulking towards the house, flipping a car in its way.
The crash snapped Robert out of his vocal torment and his eyes widened as the unholy visage entered his yard, filling his window with a terrifying silhouette, epic in proportions.
Heavy, ragged breathe from the slimey, blood-clogged mouth of the monster fogged up Roberts's bedroom window and, with a hairy stump, it wiped the window clear. The silhouette leaned in closer and what was revealed to Robert was the same ghastly image that had tormented his dreams for the past three months.
It was back, the BIG SPIDER had returned to wreck havoc on his house and devour his soul.
Smash. The SPIDER reached through the broken shards of glass and picked Robert, who was shaking uncontrollably, from his bed.
“It’s you”, said the SPIDER, “My father. I didn’t recognise the house sheathed the moons deathly glow. But I have returned, like promised, to eat your face.”


  1. I might never write part 02...
    Mostly because it would become a lot like A case for Daly Rage part 02. So, unless I think of something that invigorates me... I probably won't do it. But saying that, part 01 works by itself.

  2. Ever so funny. It reminds me of The X-Files, for the most part.

  3. Funny... it wasn't meant to be funny. In fact, I can't do funny. I'm quite jealous of the centaur post David wrote... Now that was funny. In a proper jokey way... I can't do that. I hate him.

    Although, I'm finding my inspiration again. I think, I'm going to start doing horror stories, in an X-files kind of a way, like you said.

  4. Yes, yes, YES! BIG SPIDER! I love it. Classic.

  5. well done. nice and spooky. I would like a part 2 to fnd out why Robert is the spider's father.

  6. IAN IS ON. Lets talk about the good old days Ians.
    Remember how we thought the original big spider post was long... well, look at it now. Positivly quaint by modern standards.

  7. YES! BIG SPIDER! Eating your face.

  8. I find macabre and spooky things to be funny. I'm weird.
    Would Robert be... a spider-man? (fucking hell, I'm tired)

  9. Yea, it's one of my secret sexy things along with syrup showers... I love how the spiders hide in the shower corners afraid to come closer to my wet body in case they get flushed down the drain.

  10. I found a dead spider in my bath the other day. It freaked me out.

  11. I would like to know how he goes about eating your face. It's on a par with my desire to understand how Anakin Skywalker was transmuted into Darth Vader.

  12. I am going to try and dream about the outcome tonight... eat loads of spider babies to give me inspiration...

  13. And meanwhile...

    you do something... I dunno.

    There wasn't really a meanwhile.

  14. Yes! Spiders and flies!Buckets of the bastards!!! all over the place now thats it's summer.Woolice on white bathroom tiles!Quick get the little bugger!YES.......he is killed beneath my big toe.To the victor the spoils!!!!!!

  15. God Damn it. I have Dalyitis. I was about to write a story like this. Just less twilight zoney or Good!

  16. eating face. hmm..

    not saying a word

  17. Yeah, I kick ass at stealing peoples brain patterns.
    Also, Dalyitis is having nipples like monkey fingers.

  18. AH DAMN IT. I planted that image in Daily's head to get it out of mine. Now ive got it back! Damn you Rob.