Tuesday, July 26, 2005


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And the man with the red hair rushed from the crowd screaming, “Is there a doctor here? Please, there’s a woman hurt.” People got from their cars to look at the crash, a car just like theirs but purple wrapped around a telephone pole. Its sole occupant, a young blonde woman, lies on the road, her blood mixing with the fresh snow, red tears.
And a man, who had just arrived, wonders to the scene with purpose and drive. “Who’s injured? Where are they?” he asks, retrieving a bag from the back seat of his black ford.
“Are you a doctor?” asks the man with red air, panicked at the scene.
“Yes” he screams, “Show me the body before it’s too late, Godamnit.”
And they guide him to the freezing body. The doctor looks grave as he sees how twisted she is. He checks for a pulse.
“Fuck”, exclaims the doctor sensing no pulse. And then no breathe, either.
“Okay everyone, stand back. We have to save this woman.” And everyone shuffles back, all eyes locked onto the dead body, a grey ring of spectators covered in snow
“Does anyone know her name? COME ON!” A woman trusts her hand into the womans purse and removes some ID. A driver’s licence.
“Yes, I know it”, screams the woman excited to be of worth, “It’s Julia. Julia Stiles. Like the actress.” She looks up at the doctor and their eyes lock for just a second but what felt an eternity. He nods to her and then grasps at the dead woman’s arm.
“Okay, Julia. Come on. You can do it.” He lowers his mouth to her ear. “COME JULIA, DON’T GIVE UP.”
The body shakes a bit as if her fingers were just bitten by a small rodent.
“Yes Julia. Yes. You can do it. Don’t give up.”
An old couple stepped forward from the crowd to join the doctor.
“Come on young one”, began the old man. “You’ve your whole life ahead ja.”
The doctor took hold of the old mans hand, who in turn grasped onto his wife’s hand, harder than he has in years. And then strangers all interlocked their arms around the body and began to sway as if at a concert.
“Come on Julia”, they all sang unified. “You can do it.” Lighters are lifted in to the air and they all crow to the lyrics of a song never written.
“Julia, you can do it. We believe in you.”
And the body arches it’s back, gulping down all the air it can. And she lets go the first breathe of her second life. Everyone cheers and pat the doctor on his back.
“Just doing my job” he manages with a modest smile. The siren of an ambulance can be heard in the distance.

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