Sunday, July 24, 2005


A warning for the future, when machines run the earth like man of the past, and they reside old and lonely, like the old and lonely of the past, infertile. To persist existing without gratification is a mistake that should remain in the past, here and now, and be viewed from the future, there and then. So, equip yourselves with the switch labelled with just a white tape because to deprive loneliness of itself is a pure act not to be confused with fuelling the worlds STD crisis.
Or better yet, to familiarize yourself with the act, give it a name worthy of what it gives you. A blessing to have and hold like a child, like the baby Jesus. A name like Arthur would suffice, clean and simple without too many social attachments, unlike a name such as Steve Guttenberg. And praise your switch. “Arthur is cool”, for it will put a smile on your face that hadn’t been seen since your spouse-bot was sold for scrap metal.

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