Sunday, July 24, 2005

My plight, your delight.

Current mood: Lost

It's ten past four and I'm still in bed. Not of my own volition, mind. I seem to be tied down... or held. I can't tell, though I don't feel any weight on me. I can't open my eyes either, no matter how hard I try. They might be glued shut or sewn. There is no pain, so I'm not under too much duress.
There is a wet patch under my face because I have been drooling uncontrolably for... I don't know how long. Every so often I fall asleep only to wake up from my own screaming. Before I wake up, I always experience the start of a dream. The same dream everytime.
I'm alone in an open enclosure. It looks like a ranch and it's night. A white stallion is galloping leisurely around me, snorting and neighing. I put my hand out and it walks up to my but, very quickly, it takes a bit from my hand... that's when I wake up...
I try to call for help, but no sound comes from my mouth. I remain like this for another two days until, for no reason, I can move again and I leave my room.

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