Sunday, July 24, 2005


The cute girl with the large hazel eyes approaches the guy with the green tie, who is leaning against the bar. He tilts his head down and forward, so he can see above his orange tint glasses. A sliver of hair glides across his cheek and he doesn’t replace it.
“Hi”, she begins traditionally, “Nice suit.”
His suit was indeed precious. Bought for five thousand dollars while he vacationed in New York, the suit was one of a kind, fashioned from a golden silk.
“Did you know…” he passes a white filter cigarette across his lips smoothly like a magician and rests his arm perpendicular to the ground. He exhales smoke although she didn’t even see him inhale. “… That Bangkok isn’t the capital of Thailand. It’s Krung Thep. The natives of Thailand haven’t called it Bangkok in over two hundred years. Only tourists call it that.” And he drops the cigarette past his lips again, with grace, and exhales a plume of smoke.
The girl runs her hand through her shoulder length, auburn hair confused at what she just heard. The guy with the green tie drops his head to the side and stares at his empty glass. The girl, seeing an opportunity, pouts her lips and arches her back, her breasts almost touching him.
“Hey, do you want to buy us both a drink?” And she finishes her martini to shake the glass in front of him, smiling suggestively.
“You do realise,” he looks over his tinted spectacles at her again, “that the earth has two moons. The one you see every night, Luna, and a second, Cruithne. It is only 3 miles wide and has an orbit of seven hundred and seventy years.”
The guy places his empty glass on the bar and begins for the exit. On the way out he locks his arm around some arbitrary girl and they both leave together, no questions. His alligator leather shoes click on the tiles.

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