Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Second

Current mood: Loose Sleeves

My day is filled with years. This morning, which ended 36 minutes ago, I managed to fill with entertainment that would send a King into his castle rafters with excitment.
I watched a Zombie movie. Woah, cool down you lot. I know, a Zombie movie... WOW! I know. Really. But this one was shit. And Austrailian, which might have something to do with it's quality. It was called Undead and at the moment I am writing a letter to the distributors suggesting they re-release it under a different, more apt, moniker. Ungood.
Also, I listened to some music. Broken Social Scene. V. Good. A golden star. And I did all of this while never leaving the sack I sleep in. Oh, what a glorious morning. Oh, it's only the afternoon. A whole day of nothing lies ahead. Allah be praised.

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