Thursday, August 25, 2005


He looked at his nose swimming in blood "owwy". He could feel consciousness slipping away. The only thing keeping him in touch with reality was the screaming of that sadistic bitch behind him. "I win! I win! I win! Hahahahaha, I'm a winner!" His shoulders slumped followed by his head. His eyes closed and his mind was cast back.

Will had arrived at the office early. He knew it was going to be long, busy day. He got out of his BMW into the clean, crisp Autumn morning. He walked into the sales office and looked for his name on the sales board. He saw it but was more interested in the new name on the board. "Joan". "A woman" he thought to himself. "She better have good cleavage." He took note of his prospects for the day and then sat down to deal with his email. Bit by bit the rest of the salesforce arrived into work. Will kepy an eye out for Joan to no avail.

Eventually the sales manager, Denis, emerged from his office with a sheepish looking young woman. "Everyone, this is Joan. She will be joining our sales team so make her welcome and accustom her to our practices. Also sales were down last month so whoever comes in on top at the end of the month will receive a generous cash bonus." He slipped back into his office and let Joan to settle in. Will approached her and asked "Fitting in alright? Need any help?" She looked up at him and said "I'm fine thanks , I don't need any help. I am just focused on winning that bonus. I'm a winner." Will looked a bit surprised and was slightly speechless for a moment, "Well, alright then, good luck with that. I sit over there if you need anything."

Will returned back to his seat, picked up his car keys and headed out on the road.

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  1. Hmmm.... erm.... yes.... no....
    I am going to have to think about this one... Out on the road... hmmm....