Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Good Night For A Meteor Shower

It is the face, he thinks, controlling his body. The brain controls the face, sure, but muscles over cheek and in forehead measure the pain in foot or any stomach turbulence. He believes the person is contained in their head and the spirit in the torso, so the spirit remains unaffected by frowning or sniffling or concentrated stares and is, in turn, tormented by the external word, the moon and such, or just the central heating pushing hot water through pipes and radiators.

The face however can fizzle away frontal lobe stress or untighten the chest. It is tested he assures in moments after exams. He would relax eyebrows and mouth and let the skull list to the right naturally and then forward. He allowed for thoughts to run amuck, to mingle with memories and fantasies, or the face allowed this at least. The process was repeated, he continues, and verified as they do in laboratories. It is not an outside bet however that the hands had some involvement.

The centre of stress is in the palm and in five directions. Should he have had a loved one he would have asked for gentle manipulation, but this is not the case so the hands overall involvement remain a variable for now. He has also felt his shoulders crack like knuckles when arched and brought together, closer to his spine, and has linked this to the hands. Assurances are made and the bottom will be got to with regards to what menace is held there. Under the ears, he feels, is where he would hide from the face was he up to no good.

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