Monday, September 10, 2007

Shelly Marie Francesca Valero

“What is consequence”, she said, “but guilt manifest?”
Her hair was showing it’s roots, a natural blonde, but he wouldn’t notice until she lay on his bed naked for the first time.
“Consequence is a by-product of action. Every action has a consequence.”
“Every action?” she whispered.
“Sure. Most consequences we don’t even notice or just ignore. Humans are too self-involved to see little things like flies trapped in refrigerators.”
She lit the restaurant with her laugh.
“You’re a strange boy.”
“Don’t apologise. Ever.”
“Sorry. Shit, I mean…”
“Anyway, I like it. You. Strangeness. ”
He turned into himself as a reflex, beaming red. Under florescent light his nose threw a long shadow across the table, one he couldn’t but notice.
“I have to use the WC. Be right back.”
“You just went before the meal.”
“The wine, it… I’m not used to drinking.”
A waiter carries the bill to them balanced on his forearm.
“Don’t worry”, she intones, “I’ll get this and see you outside.”
At the bathroom door he looks over his shoulder and their eyes meet.

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  1. Then he escapes out of the window, runs into the night and cackles to himself wildly at the conquest of a free meal?