Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Animal Fallout: Let's Go To The Wasteland

I was archiving fossils when I met Buck. He was excited to see me as he had a letter for Savannah but could not find the time to deliver it himself.
“Oh Robert, COCK MY BALLS! I was looking for you. Are you busy? I haven't heard from Savannah for months and would like to reach her. The wasteland is too treacherous for me. Could you deliver this letter before 6PM?”
I had the option to decline but, after some consideration, I decided to deliver it as I needed the bells.


Savannah lived in the Museum of Technology in the ruins of Washington D.C. Buck marked it on my map. Having never been there before, quick travel wasn't an option, so I had to do this the hard way.
The bus would take me to the city's edge. The driver, Cap'n, was chatty. He regaled to me his adventures from when he was a young sea farer.
“Those were the days before the war. Water wasn't radioactive back then. No sir. We would haul in a dozen tonnes of Sea Bass every day. They're all dead now. Or mutated. If you get into some trouble with the Basstiates, shoot their antennae.”
At the bus stop I met a scavenger, Tom Nook, his eyes diseased with greed and a psycho addiction. His shop, or shack more accurately, was built from scrap metal harvested from the Robco factory and held together with wasteland determination. He warned me his stock was likely to change on a daily basis so I should buy what I needed. I declined as his prices were too rich. While he was distracted fighting a Mirelurk I stole a watering can from his shelves.
Turnips sold for 75 bells.
A sharp wind carried a balloon over my head. Attached to it was a present but it flew too high for me to grab. Firing two rounds from my Chinese Assault rifle I released the present which contained an exotic chair. I stored it in my pockets for Apollo who made known his desire for one yesterday.

#Find exotic chair for Apollo.
-(Optional) Have Moira repair it before delivering it to Apollo.

The streets were too dangerous to travel during the day so I decided to go to the Museum by the old subway tunnels. There I encountered a swarm of rabid bees. They attacked and stung me before fleeing. My left eye swelled with poison. I exited the tunnels on Dupont East and would walk the remaining distance through collapsed homes and abandoned business centres avoiding raiders and super mutants.


The Museum once housed histories finest technological achievements. All of it would now be categorised as pre-war regalia or just plain junk to be salvaged and reformed into useful tools. A township had developed in the Museum. Their Mayor, Tortimor, was delighted to see me.
“You must be new to Museum Of Technology. COCK MY BALLS. Robert, isn't it? You look like a monster. You should buy some medicine for that eye.”
They were celebrating Acorn day, a local holiday, with a festival.


He told me Savannah had been killed by mutant pill bugs just two days previously. Her daughter, however, wandered the Museum alone and lost if I was interested in delivering the letter to her. I found Mint in the Café Bar listening to a musician, KK Slider, and gave her the letter.

~Karma Increased~

“Oh Robert, thank you for the lovely letter. Say, I was going to visit Buck and wondered if my dress was stylish enough. What do you think?”
I told her it wasn't.

~Karma Decreased~

#Deliver letter
-Return to Buck.

I quick travelled back to the village, Shi'tole, and told Buck of my adventure.
“Thanks Robert. You delivered that in record time. I'm going to get you to deliver all of my mail from now on. Here's something for your troubles.”

Item: Chequered Floor.

I murdered Buck that night while he slept.

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