Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No. 7

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25 year old me would totally murder 21 year old me.

No doubt 29 year old me would murder 25 year old me too. But I think 25 year old me is justified in wanting to murder old 21 because 25 inherited so much ignorant bullshit. 29 won't have any excuses. He will know everything 25 knows, be aware of the same, and more. 29 should be straddling the mule of intelligence, who amiably chases the carrot of wisdom, held with the string of vocabulary, just out of reach of the braying face hole.

21 is a dick. I am so displeased with his bullshit, I would totally go back in time and kill him in his bed while he fumbles around with his parts. Temporal paradoxes be damned.

I have a similar feeling now as when I read about terrible injustices against children. Nike factories or sex slavery. What have you. I just want to tear the planet in two. Fuck the consequences. Dead human bodies floating through the forever of space, incapable of rotting. All those worms going hungry. Just a whole new species of meaty space debris and I wouldn't care because, in tearing the earth into two halves, I would have proven just how fucking miserable child abuse makes me. I would have emotional closure.

By the same token I would travel through time and take joy in the confused eyes of 21, his brain using up the little air left in his body, trying to understand why a slightly heavier, more wicked version of himself is strangling both of their lives away.

Dumb fuck wouldn't get it.

Which is my point.

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