Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Opening of a Romance Novel by a 21 year old

Stan was sitting on his grandfathers' old, leather armchair. The chair was so wide Stan and his brother Richard used to sit on it together comfortably as children; often falling asleep on the arm rests. The chair was in his grandfathers' old drawing room, positioned beside the fireplace. The fire wasn't lit today because it was three in the afternoon and the sun was heating the room with aplomb.
Ursula sat on Stan’s lap, facing Stan, her legs at either side of his body. They were both silently and affectionately smiling at each other and had been for about five minutes now, every so often running hands through hair or caressing a cheek. Ursula shut her eyes, smiled, and vowed, to herself, never to forget this moment. Ever.
Stan and Ursula were alone in his grandparents' house. His grandparents had died, almost at the same time, three years ago and since then this was a holiday home for Stan’s family. He had brought Ursula up here to be alone and hopefully make love, but it didn't matter if they did or not. Stan was happy.
Ursula put a cigarette in her mouth and was about to light it when Stan removed it and placed it aside.
Smiling he said "You know I don't like it when you smoke."
"I only do it to annoy you,” she giggled.
"I'm serious", Stan said, now worried, "That shit will kill you. Do you know how many toxins there are in one of these? I heard some scientists injected a mouse with the crap and it suffered a fatal coronary". He crushed the cigarette, she was going to light, without realising.
"My baby", Ursula said mockingly. "Are you worried for your pretty girlfriend? Oh, how would I protect my silly, little self if it weren't for my strong man" She laughed.
"Fuck" cussed Stan, lifting Ursula off his lap and pacing over to the window in a huff. "I just want you to stop smoking."
"Ursula was embarrassed. She could see that he loved her, even if he didn't say it. She walked over to him. "I'm sorry", she whispered in his ear. "I'll stop."
He sighed, smiled, took her hand and rubbed circles on her palm with his thumb. She smiled back relieved he wasn't angry anymore. Stan was so full of love for Ursula he thought he was going to explode. He wanted to explode to show her how much love he had for her. He hugged her tightly, wishing his lips would part and his tongue would move. Wishing himself to say how he feels.
Finally, he breathes in deep her aroma and says "summer's nearly over.”

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  1. Better, but freaky. Why are you writing this?