Thursday, May 19, 2005

Have You Seen...?

12 hours is all it takes to swim the sea and count the lakes, 12 hours is all one needs to sleep and dream and sway all green. 12 hours until the morn, 12 hours until I’m born. 12 hours is only half a day.
12 hours is all to wait until the clothes of reality, off, you shake. To be under the sheets and over the Maldives. 12 hours to live again as a prince with a thousand wives.

After old death and before new birth. A void filled with the dreams that relieved your strifes.


  1. This is very good. Way to go Rob.

  2. Thank you Ian. Hopefully, I'll be able to privately go about being strange like this for a while. While on the brother blog, everything is fine.

    Wuh Hur Hur.