Friday, May 27, 2005


Everybody knows your dirty little secrets, what you do behind closed doors. There is no point being coy. Sipping your beverage like you don’t revert to your primal instincts. Fulfilling every animal impulse, carnal desire, every base act performed by you with utensils and recordings.
What you do is sinful. God saw you when you winced your eyes and licked your lips. He saw when you enjoyed yourself and he felt your guilt. You should repent. Kneel now and pray for forgiveness. Do it before it’s too late. Admitting to your shame will save you from the eternal damnation you so richly deserve. A damnation away from your friends and family who will reside in the gloriousness that is Heavan because they will all have repented for their dirty deeds. Imagine the sins of your parents, you girlfriend or boyfriend.
Yes, remember your evil and repent.

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