Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Indefinite Hiatus

For a time, I will not be posting anymore delicious slices of life. At least, none that are my own. You see, I am taking time out from writing to ingest information instead of regurgitating it. This break could last anywhere between a day to a month or even longer depending on developments, so don't separate your toes with anxiety if you don't see me here for a while.
But, if you awaken one dusty morning with a burning sensation that will only be reduced with a dose of me, then feel free to check the archives for past accomplishments. Stick your finger deep in the piles of shit and wiggle it around with zeal because you will find a precious gem that will sparkle in the sun.


  1. Robert's secret blog! I found it!
    How come you and Ian both have personal and joined blogs and keep it a secret?

  2. I just read some of your texts, and I must say I love them. Short, yet precise, and full of imagery, of every day lives. Brilliant. Come back soon with more.