Saturday, June 04, 2005

IT Returns Part 02

The BIG SPIDER galloped across the Irish countryside, Robert draped over his back.
“Where are you taking me?” screamed Robert in the ear of the beast.
“I am showing you the carnage that I have wrecked, the bodies of the people I’ve killed and the bones of the dead animals I have devoured. I am showing you what you have caused by keeping me alive.”
The SPIDERS voice entered Roberts mind, it seemed, not through the ears but by some other means. Above the thundering pound of the SPIDERS feet, he could hear his ghastly voice clearly, as if there was no other sound but that.
“What… What are you talking about? I have done nothing.”
They stopped abruptly, Robert heaving forward on the back of the monstrosity, almost falling to the ground. He managed to hold on.
“NO, you have not done nothing, you silly creature. By not killing me while I was still a small and vulnerable spider, you have let me evolve beyond even the human race. I have become a bringer of death to all that cross my path, like those of my species that are exterminated when they are foolish enough to cross a man.”
The SPIDER kicked off again, faster than before. The countryside whizzed past Roberts vision, details lost in the blur but soon the travelling partners came upon an enflamed village.
Robert could see that what was not on fire, had already burned to the ground. The once magnificent church had toppled in upon itself, unable to sustain the weight of the lofty spire. Shops and houses were just black ruins peppered with trinkets that had belonged to mothers and father, children and pets. But now they belonged to no one. Robert was in shock at the carnage that lay around him.
“What happened here? What… happened to this village?” The SPIDER took Robert off his back, almost gently, and placed him on the ground, under his giant mouth. Roberts’ legs folded beneath him and the SPIDER almost smiled if a spider could do such a thing.
“This Village crossed my path so I, just, removed it.”
Robert started to cry at hearing this and he looked about at the remnants of this once vital village. A charred body lay at the base of a burnt, broken wall. The corpse was so small that it must have been that of a child’s.
“A dead child… How could you kill a child?”
“You created me, Robert. This Village would not be damned, had you not provided a shelter for my kind and me. I am born from you, don’t you see. I am your son.”
“No, I had nothing to do with this or you…” Robert clutched his chest in disbelief and shook his head. His mind was wrought with confusion and grief. Had he done this? Was he the instigator of this destruction?
The SPIDER picked Robert carefully off the ground and placed him on his back.
“Hold on tight.” And he charged away again.
From his vantage point, Robert could see the entire countryside. The full moons glow turning lakes silver and leaving white highlights on treetops like snow. Sullen orange glows emanated from towns and villages and far way cities. From up here, it looks almost innocent and peaceful, like a baby sleeping noiselessly in a cot. It was only when they started travelling up hill, did Robert begin to wonder where were they going. As if he had asked it aloud, the SPIDER said “I am taking you home, father.”


  1. You know, when we were filming the village scene, the director said to me, he said "Sam, you are not a vendictive spider out for revenge, or are you murderous scum. You see what you did as a circle of nature. It is the way of the world, you know."
    And he was right.

  2. YEAH!!!! the big spider returns.

  3. Part three will be a tear jerker. A booty shaker, ice-cream maker, total faker, condenced milker, leaf raker, Silver Laker and White Stripes listener...
    Got the new album today. Really good.

  4. It fucking kicks ass, I tell thee.

  5. And I was reading some reviews that didn't like it. Fuck them.
    Obviously teenagers.

  6. Even Q said it might be better than Elephant. Somebody else didn't like it. I think it was Ceefax. But who gives a fuck about Ceefax, honestly?

  7. Q magaine. Man,I stopped readin that a while ago. I hear they hated Ryan Adams new album. It's a really good album but I understand that he isn't cool and all that.
    Do yuo know what they thought of Weezers new album??

    But I am off anyway. Das Boot is on in a few shot minutes and I must watch it.


  8. egrulps....

    Not on until 5 past 12.

  9. is this the same monster SPider that once tried to eat Ian's cookies?

  10. No, I dont read Q that much, I just bought it to read about the new albums coming out. And NME does my head in... They didn't seem to like the new Weezer... I thought they liked Ryan A at some point... well, whatever...

  11. Spiderness rocks. Like Markley says "you've go to kill it before it grows.."

    I have Das Boot to watch. maybe later.....

  12. Oh no!

    I'm caught!

    Big Brother 6 has snatched me! Im watchin it live now on my computer!!!! HELP!!!

  13. Here Rob, I bet u'll love this! And strenghtens ur point it does young padawan...

    Nintendo Legend attacks next-gen rivals.
    Web posted on 6/6/05
    Miyamoto-san: "Innovation is dying."

    The gloves are off, and in a shock move it's the wiry Japanese fellow out-aggressing the usually very aggressive Sony and Microsoft, as the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto aims a broadside at Nintendo's console rivals, saying, "there's not a lot I want to play now."

    To put it simply, when it comes to gaming, Miyamoto knows what the hell he's talking about. The creator of such massive gaming icons as Mario and Zelda, Miyamoto and innovation go together hand in hand. The problem he sees is that Sony and Microsoft are concentrating too much on creating amazing technology and not enough on applying this technology to gaming. Miyamoto specifically named Halo and GTA as "demanding far too much time from the user," and stated that this was something he intends to right with the Nintendo Revolution. He wanted to see developers making unique products and dismissed footage seen of the next-generation titles as "just shiny computer graphics. They're things anyone using a computer can do..." Miyamoto reckons the Revolution will be a different affair. "It's how we're going to use the technology that separates us. What we want to do is different...when you have a Revolution, you're not going to have the same experience as you would with the other home consoles."

    To be honest, we've not exactly stopped looking forward to the PS3/360 and loved Halo and GTA as much as the next geezer - and were happy to give over an awful lot of time to them - but it's an intriguing attack from a giant of our industry and will surely get people talking about Nintendo's future console offering in a new light. Nintendo have always done it their way, and the trend looks set to continue. The next-generation console battle seems unlikely to come down to: "do you want shiny, or do you want deep", as Miyamoto would have it, but we shouldn't lose track of the fact that surely the most important thing in games is gameplay, not looks or packaging?

  14. Good story Rob. So what you are telling us is that while we are top of the food chain we should kill all other creatures just in case they evolve beyond us?