Friday, July 22, 2005

Butter Blade 04

Butter Blades tears mix with the salty ocean water. Dead bodies, black from raging fires, float above her, their blood turning the sea a dark red. A smile caresses the smart heads lips, humanities end justifying his. The two-headed cow resigns to die at the bottom of the Big Sea, the scorched earth above them a sight they do not want to see. But the water vibrates, alerting the cow. She swipes around, both heads scanning the undersea horizon, for something, but nothing. Black. But they sink lower from the vibrations escalation and something slams into them from above. A body punching and kicking at everything, unable to stay afloat, unable to swim.

A new vigour explodes from Butter Blade and she shoots from the ocean, the person in hand, high into the air above the stinging heat. The body belongs to a teenage girl, maybe 16; her body hangs listlessly from the cow’s front legs, destroyed from her fight with the water. The smart head, although deeply cynical, cannot help but be moved as the thin frame slips about on Butter Blades arms, almost too weak to support herself. And around them, everything burns. What once was a beautiful earth, birthing great, miraculous life, dies slowly.

And with no other thought in mind, they fly towards their only home with a strange girl who is all alone. And to what end shall they travel, if the farm proves to be a partner in the destruction. The journey, though long, passes without interruption. Patches of green earth still survives in the harsh winter of humanities end, lending them hope. Lonely rockets still circle the globe, searching for targets long since obliterated. Soon they will fall to earth and self-destruct, to tarnish more land, to finish their own existence with a designed fate. Oh, what does the future hold for our hero with nothing to lose, or to save?

And upon the farm they came, an electric joy spreading among them. The barn still stands, as does the farmhouse. A few animals roam about unattended, chewing on available cud. With a thud, Butter Blade touches down. The girl is now awake and doped with shock, the fact she is being carried by a flying cow not even registering. A noise creeps from behind a wagon, squeaking like a mouse, and grass flutters into the air. The squeaking turns into deep mumbling and the farmer’s head pokes out from behind a wheel, his face reddening as he sees his precious cow.
“Oh, you’re alive!” he exclaims, genuinely shocked and happy in equal measures. And upon eyeing the young girl, the farmer thanked God for Butter Blade, who he knew would deliver a miracle.

And years progressed without another soul seen. The young girl, Rachel McAdams, who once was an actress in another time, became the farmer’s lover in order to rebuild society. Smart head began a book, a bible for future generations to read and learn, repeat like a mantra. And Butter Blade resumed duties as a cow, enjoying the simple life, being milked and fed grass. And through centuries, as a new society was birthed, the cow grew old, but slower than an average cow and even an average human. So far, she has outlived ten generation of human and looks to outlive more, supervising production of cities and factories, better than before.

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