Saturday, July 30, 2005

Cake & Eat It

Current mood: Deserving

Oh, it’s snowing. And I cackle like a witch because it burns my fingers. Oh, it burns like fire. But I don’t own any gloves. Oh no. Wah wah wah. What shall I do? Mammy, wah. Oh, wow. Thanks mammy… weeeee. Socks for gloves. I would have never thunk of that. THANKS MAMMY. And I’m sliding down a slope, the snows all icy and slippery. Oh cool. And I run back up to the top only to do it again, but a man is standing there.
Mister, mister, could you move. The slide. Mister. Hey little kiddy, he says bending over to look me close. Hey little kiddy, do you like sweeties. Oh, SWEETIES. I loooves sweeties. Oh no, but the slide. Oh no. Mister I say, mister, could you push me a few times down the slide? Oh please mister. I’ll do anything. Oh, thanks mister. Weeeeeee. Again, mister… AGAIN. Weeeeeeee. Weeeeeeeeeeeee. Okay Mister, I likes sweeties, mister. Oh Mister, let go my arm.

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