Saturday, July 30, 2005


She went into the water. Slowly. It was first moving around her ankles; then, she was knee-deep into it; next, up to the waist. Finally, she let herself go.

Softly floating on her back for a short while, her thoughts were drifting away while the water lilies were gently wafting at the surface. The cold water was surrounding her. She closed her eyes – just the way it ought to be. She took a deep breath, exhaled. She started to feel calmer now, at last. Her whole body was like a sponge, submerged by the water. She could feel herself sinking, her nostrils naturally trying to reject the water they received in due place of air. Her lungs were trying to rebel as well, but she just opened her mouth and swallowed, sure now that it was the right thing to do. She tried to lull herself into it, eyes closed. From sponge, her bones turned to stones, and she was now sinking into the depths of the pond, cold water all around her, watercress wrapping itself around her ankles. Time was now stretching out endlessly.

She didn’t feel the coldness anymore. She was glad to have done it. To have had the strength to finally try and control her death – never having been able to control her birth, let alone her own life. She wanted to make a point of taking her life, rather than wait for fate, circumstances, or just God. She didn’t believe in any of those. She only was the master of her fate, she comforted herself – and that was her last thought.


  1. I'm always worried my English would be shit. If you see any mistakes, please tell me. Any corrections welcome.

  2. Although I usually miss mistakes, reading what was intented, I didn't notice anything obvious.
    But yeah... sounds like something I'd do in a darker moment.
    Just kill a character.
    Good stuff.
    What river/lake was it? Did you decide?

  3. Not yet. Maybe the Severn. Any suggestions?

  4. Well, I was just wondering from a writing standpoint... alot of the time I will make decisions that woun't affect what I put into the stories but they will make it a bit more real in my head.

    But you have water lilies.

  5. No, just a pond in a place in my mind. I have a lot of those imaginary places in my head, ya know.