Sunday, July 24, 2005

In the Year 2000

Current mood: Soused

In the future, people will be born with clocks in their heads, totally natural and unassisted scientifically. Two clocks, one shall tell the time accurately, for other people to see, and the other clock shall be biological, with a time ticking down. At first people will be shocked, the first child circumcised of the clock, it removed from her forehead with the ease and skill of a trained surgeon.
But as more and more children are born blighted by a similar affection, people will believe it is the next level of evolution, that man is destined for this, to know their natural end, even if this end is unrealised due to unnatural means. So, acceptance will prevail and the clocks shall meld into society, which folds itself around the idea with ease and elasticity, no stone left unturned.

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