Sunday, July 24, 2005

In the Year 3000

Current mood: Passive, eh, aggressive

Peoples brains will be made from a cellular gelatine, and when people get too hot, as is common in the future due to the total lack of ozone layer, liquid jelly will pour from their head-holes, staining the streets pink with the pigment. So, to have ones brains seep will become a rite of passage for millions of pre-teens, whose parents wrap their skulls in ice until the day they are all to liquefy together.
But, humans won’t become mindless automatons, searching the nation for fast food and reality television as, in the future, knowledge shall be imparted not in one organ but in ones DNA, and the memory shall be total, the accumulated knowledge of the hundred billion people who will have lived. Half of whom, it is estimated, will have died from mosquito bites.

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