Wednesday, July 27, 2005

No Post Today Folks

Current mood: The Envelope

Right here is where the post should be... I swear it was here earlier, but I had to go to the toilet... it was urgent. Life or death. The phone rang and someone wanted to talk to me. It was here then... but they told me to do all these weird things like... like 'Represent life after death'... and 'Think out loud'... I was flustered.
'Flip a coin and give the results out loud'
They didn't like my answer, kept perstering... I tried to keep an eye on the post... I wanted to. I know how important it is to you... to have a post that will entertain, yet inform... I know. I do. But someone came to the door and they yelled at me...
'Act dead'... what could I do?
'Sing the last song you heard on the radio'...
I didn't know the words but I sang... Tommy used to work on the docks... I couldn't remember... Unions been on strike, he's down on his luck.... But that's all I know.
And when I turned around... I was crying... I saw that it was gone... even through the tears.

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