Friday, September 16, 2005


They say if you write you never grow old. Even if age is an illusion and time its’ bedmate, then I am not counting by seconds, minutes or hours but by individual posts, individual pieces of the pie, that together make the whole. Well, I’ve counted them once ladies, I’ve counted them again gentlemen and for the kids screaming in the back, I counted them a third time. The abacus never lies and it says 200.
Two hundred posts, each one complimenting the last and leading the way for the next. Each one a shining light into dark mental spaces, each one lives and breathes and whistles it’s own tune, each one deserves to be read and reread, memorized and recited to young balls of energy, too high on sugar cubes to fall asleep at a reasonable hour.
Two hundred is a lot of children to mind and care for, especially if each has it’s own unique personality and want, but I have chosen my favourite post from what I have written and I present it here for your enjoyment, for your consideration. What I have chosen represents me in the fullest way imaginable, seeping from a crack split in a rock, nestling in a corner of my cavernous soul. You may want to turn away, maybe even cry, but once you read it, you cannot unread it.
Studies Of Life.

I urge Daly and Ian to choose their favourite from the work they have done and add it to this post to mark the occasion. Just edit them in here for prosperity and unity. A blog for the person and for the people.

If it’s true what they say, that if I write I may never grow old, then I hope I live forever.

The Rage's Edit: 200 eh? I'd love to say that that's an achievement, but since quite a bit of it has been rubbish I am forced to withhold my praise. But not for this post, which I quite enjoyed: See-O-Matic

Anyway, regardless of writing, I'm already aware that my legend will never die... Soul Calibur told me so.

Mr. Ians time to shine. Most of what I have written is utter tripe but there are a handful of posts I have quite enjoyed and feel slightly proud of. Hard choice. This is what I decided upon.

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  1. Delightful posts gentlemen. Literary talent abounds.