Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Game Over

Ok dudes. I'm out of the game. This new no-holds-barred, nothing is taboo system is fucking me up. I started to write a post and just had to stop. It started out funny, but the more I thought about it the more disgusted I became. Here's a brief intinerary:

It starts with an assault, then a rape, repeated raping, child abuse, child molestation, incest, another rape, gay sex, and then a murder.

But the story was only four sentences long.

So that's it. I've reached my limit after only four lines. I'm out. Do your worst.


  1. Well we still need a banner....
    I'm going to write that story regardless now... needs to be done even if it means fucking myself up while I write it... self-abuse...
    Actually, my long-term plan is to write three or four of the bastards and then take a break to work on the big story I have been planning for ages now but just haven't done.

  2. Do it. I want to see it.

    If you don't, I'll go out and commit all those foul acts you listed, and it'll be your fault.

    Pop that on your plinth and sculpt it.

  3. Well to clarify... I won't be writing the story Daly mentions above... but another story which is fair worse than that piss Daly lists... child abuse... bah, only childs play.

  4. If you can produce a story worse than the one I was going to post as easy as that then I salute you, as I watch you being towed away by the cops.

  5. Do you guys get towed by cops over there? We get yanked.

    Everything's going the way of the stars and stripes.

  6. I've never been yanked off by a copper before.

    Well, not a REAL copper.