Sunday, March 05, 2006

Malas Tapag (Celebration)

“What’s your favourite part of me?” whispers her soft lips into his ear, listening only for her. He pinches her inner thigh and she writhes, giggling, moving closer to him. He kisses her reddening cheek, salty with sweat.
Breathlessly she murmurs “stop it” but only as she wraps her legs around his waist, his hands slipping around to her back and into her hair, their lips meeting in the middle, sharing a familiar sensation but an a invigorating one nonetheless.
After a moment they separate to smell each other and show their affection through delicate traces, fingers popping off tense muscles and soft flesh alike. Through bone and tissue their hearts connect, the strong rhythms pounding in chorus, one enhancing the other, beating harder then softer in ebbs and flows.
Turning onto her back, the bed sheets dragging with her naked body, he moves down, resting his heavy head on her breast. A hairy arm extends around stomach, a lithe hand brushes through hair. He breathes soft, balmy air and closes his eyes, a perfect forest forming behind the lids, a row of trees cloaking a large lake alive with earth colour and bird song.
A blemish on her breast, a freckle pressing his cheek, reminds him of her and she appears in the lake, gliding through the crystal water, undisturbed. Her hand slips down his side under arm, to his waist, which rolls slightly with healthy weight. Both imperfect, they compliment each other. He touches her leg, his favourite part, caressing velvety skin. It is everything to him.
And she emerges from the lake, her hair a sleek dark frame edging her soothing face, to take his hand, to guide him under. They come alive in each other, on the soul enveloping earth, and slide into the lake again to stay forever and for good, sharing a buoyant love.


  1. Sicklick Rain System9:02 pm, March 06, 2006

    Fuck my maps.

  2. Is this about a forbidden love affair between king arthur and the lady of the lake?