Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wii for the win

Oh lordy. The PS3... where to start.

I'll try to steer clear of my dislike for Sony as a company as many people don't have a low opinion of them. Thus I will not be mentioning the fact that they lie and steal. (Lie about the performance and capability of their equipment, steal innovations from their competitors - rumble, motion sensing etc)

But seriously, I've been looking forward to this for ages... but the longer this drags on, the greater a fucking mess it turns into. Sony have decided to go for a global launch - that hasn't worked yet and Sony definitely won't get it right. The fucking thing is shockingly expensive at $600/€600 for the full model - and amusingly this has nothing to do with games, no, it's simply that Blu-Ray is costing Sony a fortune. The legendary Cell processor has been touted as a supercomputer in misinformed newspapers (did I mention Sony lie) when it is no such thing. What it actually is is an awkwardly designed computer chip with some excellent processing power, but also some huge flaws. The graphics situation is a farce with a tacked on PC video card. All this leads to a situation where the machine is not half as good as it should be and certainly no better than a 360. REGARDLESS OF WHAT SONY TELL YOU. (Did I mention Sony lie).
Sony will have no unified on-line solution. Every seperate publisher will be implementing their own, more-often-than-not half-assed, solution for multiplayer gaming. This also means there won't be the strict quality control that Xbox Live enjoys.
They also dropped rumble support from their game pads, because they had stolen it and were sued. They consequently decided to 'lift' Microsoft's motion sensing idea from their old Sidewinder pad. Not having force feedback is a real bummer for me personally. I like the extra level of immersion it adds.
Sony also no longer have Day 1 exclusivity for the Grand Theft Auto series... so their biggest franchise, and the main reason people had to buy a PS2 for the last few games, is gone.

But it's all about the games, isn't it? Well its fair to say that the best games unique to the PS2 were Japanese games. So if you're not into off-the-wall RPG's then there aint much else you won't find done better somewhere else. The best driving, action and shooting games will be on the 360. The most fun games will be on the Wii. The rest will be on the PS3. So whatever. Gamers are going to have to have them all for a good time.


  1. Hmm.

    Damn you, Sony!!

    When will this development hell end?

    I think it's time Sega unveiled their 'Megadream' console, which they have clearly been keeping under wraps for 8 years....

  2. I will say this: If Sega released a console tomorrow I'd be first in the fucking queue. The Dreamcast was probably the best console I've ever had the pleasure of using. Soul Calibur is one of the greatest games ever imagined by a human mind.

  3. Yeah. Soul Caliber is pretty good.

    The best character was probably Mitsurugi, but my favourite had to be 'Ghost Pirate Chad Kroeger'.

    Or 'Cervantes' as he was otherwise known.

  4. How dare you compare the Dread Pirate Cervantes with that talentless hack.

    Cervantes had an infinite combo aswell. If you could pull off the first move your opponent couldn't stop you from repeating it over and over until you'd won. Mega cheap. Luckily it was fucking hard to do.