Monday, June 19, 2006

PS3 for the win

As time drags ever onward I'm becoming increasing pissed off with the Xbox 360. I'm very close to jumping ship altoghther. The more I think about the Xbox, the more I think that they really dropped the ball with it.

They nerfed the fucking console by making the hard drive optional, something even Sony didn't get wrong. They botched the launch in Japan and America, though that doesn't really affect me. What does affect me is that they raised the prices of the games to extortionate levels - that's bad, but hasn't really hurt me yet, cos there's no games out for the fucking thing. It's been out six months, and there was only one game released for it this month. MotoGP. Whatever. All the rest of the big names either have no release date or are out in 2007.
And as for the big japanese push, I was really looking forward to that as it meant we'd see some interesting games at our end. Unfortunately they're all crap. 99 Nights is rubbish. Blue Dragon looks rubbish and even though Lost Planet doesn't look rubbish I'm betting it will be only average.

So yeah, I'm really disappointed. At this stage with the last Xbox if someone asked me what I thought of it I'd have been raving about Halo and the custom soundtracks etc etc. If someone asks me about the 360, I'll be telling them to steer clear. It's a mess.

So given that the Wii will be little more than a gimmick I'm now left to pin my flag to the PS3. Fuck sake.


  1. Well, having said all that dude, I am a moody bastard. Overall I'm relatively happy with it. Just not as happy as I was with the original one. Personally I will have an Xbox in every generation because of two games: Halo and Ninja Gaiden. For me they're the two best games on any platform available, and that's really what it's all about - the games.

    As well as that, if you don't have either console yet the Xbox will be cheaper, have more games and they'll look better by the the time the PS3 is on the shelves with a handfull of launch games. If you have broadband the 360 transforms into THE console to have. I don't have broadband. So I'm sat here scratching my balls, waiting for MS to release a game rather than downloading demos, new levels, arcade games etc.

    Also I could throw out a noble list of why the PS3 is a joke. I think I will do in fact.